Student Costs

Thank You to Our Partners

The Ag Program and FFA Chapter are able to cover a majority of all costs thanks to our generous partners. We recognize our partners throughout the year. You can check out our list of partners here

Official FFA Dress

Students are expected to provide their own Official FFA Dress for functions throughout their high school experience. FFA jacket prices vary based on the student's size. Jackets come in standard sizes and cost $55. If a standard jacket size does not work, a tailored jacket will be ordered. These cost $80. Jacket costs are placed on your student's account with the high school. The jacket does not have to be paid for right away, in fact, it doesn't have to be paid for until the student graduates. 

In addition to the jacket, students need to get an FFA neck tie or an FFA scarf. The chapter can order these with the jacket and have it added to the student's account as well. You may also purchase these yourself on

White button up shirts, blouses, black slacks, and black skirts can also be purchased from However, any white button up shirt, blouse, black slacks, or black skirt purchased from any other retailer is acceptable. Students will also need a pair of dress shoes that have a closed heel and toe. Females are not required to wear a skirt, black slacks are equally acceptable. However, if a skirt is chosen, black nylons will also be needed.

If the cost of Official FFA Dress is enough to limit your student's ability to participate in FFA, please reach out to an advisor. We have resources available to help out if necessary.

Here is a quick snapshot of what students will need to participate in formal FFA events.

Travel Expenses

The costs of traveling tend to be overwhelming for many families as their students participate in numerous intracurricular and extracurricular activities. The Ag Program and FFA Chapter understand that even one trip can be financially burdensome to some families. That is why most travel expenses are covered for our students; all thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors.

While most travel expenses are covered, it is difficult to cover all expenses for every student. Here is a breakdown of what is and what isn't covered based on the trip (keep in mind students will need Official FFA Dress for nearly all of these activities):