Travel Policy & Documents

Prior to any student overnight travel, we provide several documents for both parents and students. Typically, these are printed and passed out to students or are given out at a parent/guardian meeting prior to departing. However, sometimes you don't end up with those documents and we feel it is important for you to have access to them.

Refer to the documents attached below regarding your student's travel. We will keep all documents posted with a timestamp so you know when they were last updated. Documents will stay posted for up to a year, that way you can refer to old schedules and plans if necessary.

2023 Western National Range in Ritzville, Washington

Last updated on Friday, November 10th
2023 WNR Schedule.pdf
2023 WNR Packing List.pdf
Packing List
2023 Code of Conduct WNR Range.pdf
Code of Conduct

2023 National FFA Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana

Last updated on Saturday October 28th
2023 National Convention Schedule.pdf
2023 Nationals Packing List.pdf
Packing List
2023 Nationals Code of Conduct.pdf
Code of Conduct
311 Brochure
TSA Travel Tips
Español - 2023 Convención Nacional de la FFA (1).pdf
Español - 2023 Convención Nacional de la FFA

2023 State CDEs in Moscow

Last updated on Sunday, June 4th
State CDE Schedule 2023.pdf
State CDEs Packing List 2022.pdf
Packing List
State CDEs Code of Conduct 2023 (1).pdf
Code of Conduct
UIdaho Campus Map.pdf
Campus Map

2023 State Leadership Conference (SLC) in Twin Falls

Last updated on March 31, 2023
DRAFT SLC Schedule 2023
DRAFT State Convention Schedule. Subject to change as the date gets closer. Check above for date last updated.
DRAFT SLC Packing List 2023
Packing List 
SLC Code of Conduct 2023.pdf
Code of Conduct
Map of CSI Campus_Bus Route.pdf
Map of CSI Campus

2023 State Envirothon in Challis, Idaho

Last updated on Thursday, April 20
2023 State Envirothon Schedule.pdf
2023 State Envirothon Packing List.pdf
Packing List
2023 Conduct State Envirothon (1).pdf
Code of Conduct

Thank You

First of all, thank you for allowing the opportunity for your student(s) to travel with the American Falls FFA Chapter. It is our goal for them to develop premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. While we strive for that in the classroom, traveling and experiencing new things is vital to fulfilling the FFA Mission.

Students that are traveling with the Ag Program or the FFA Chapter are expected to follow the Student Code of Conduct set forth by the American Falls High School Student Handbook. We are a nationally-recognized Ag Program and FFA Chapter, therefore, our students are held to the highest of expectations. 

Please review the policies below. These policies may change so please review them prior to every trip. Contact an advisor if you have any questions, comments, and/or concerns.

Grade Requirement

A student's current academic status will be checked and validated two days prior to a travelling opportunity. Students will be unable to attend if they have anything less than a C- in any course (including online classes). A teacher may provide written consent that a student has completed the necessary work to attain a C- or better, but this must be done within two days of the trip. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Students must complete the third trimester with a C- or above in all their classes in order to attend summer trips, this includes State CDEs in Moscow, officer retreat, SOLR, and district officer training.


All students are expected to travel to and from any event with the transportation provided by the Ag Program or FFA Chapter. Parents/guardians may be able to take students to/from an event with prior approval by the principal and an advisor.

Students are expected to treat a bus driver with the upmost respect. Students will follow any rule set forth by the bus driver, as well as the following:

When students are flying with the chapter, they are expected to follow all TSA guidelines. A parent/guardian meeting will take place prior to the trip to discuss further details.


With the exception of a few meals, students are expected to bring money to pay for their own food. Transportation, lodging, and event registration are typically covered by the chapter (review the costs page for more detailed information). A student may pack their own meals or snacks if they wish. There will be opportunities to eat breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner, depending on the length of the trip.


On overnight trips, a packing list will be provided to students. It is recommended to bring all items listed on the packing list, however, use your best judgement given your student's personal situation. Students may carry and administer their own prescription medication, unless requested otherwise by a parent/guardian. 

Rooming Policy

When traveling on an overnight trip, students will be housed in a motel or hotel room, unless other lodging is secured. Students will sleep in a room separate from any advisor or adult chaperone (unless the chaperone is blood-related to the student). Students will be divided according to gender.

When traveling in a large group with multiple hotel rooms, we try our best to place the male rooms together and the female rooms together with the advisor/chaperone rooms in the middle. This may not always occur based on hotel availability and size of rooms. 

Students of opposite genders may study or practice together in the same room if the door is propped FULLY open and an advisor/chaperone is on the same floor. Students are expected to behave in an appropriate manner while working together. Failure to abide by this rule could result in the following:

At the end of the stay, students are expected to clean their rooms. This involves throwing away all garbage, packing all belongings, folding used bedding and sheets, and placing all towels in the bathroom.

We are not the only guests in a hotel or motel, therefore students are expected to be on their best behavior. This includes keeping noise volumes at a reasonable level, respecting other guests' requests, following curfew and lights out rules, and treating lodging staff with respect and gratitude.

Students are expected to be in their assigned room by 10 each night. Lights out is at 11, unless otherwise specified. Advisors/chaperones will conduct room checks at 10, 11, and at least one other time throughout the night. Advisors/chaperones will monitor outside student rooms periodically.

Parents/guardians will be provided advisor/chaperone contact information and lodging contact information in case of an emergency. Parents/guardians can be provided the rooming list if requested. All students will receive a copy of the rooming list to ensure other guests are left undisturbed. 

Dress Code

Students are expected to abide by the AFHS dress code policy on any travelling trips. The dress code policy is as follows:

Students are expected to provide Official FFA Dress when required. If a student is unable to provide Official FFA Dress for any reason, please reach out to one of the advisors here. There are resources available to help out. Here is the dress code when Official FFA Dress is required:

Check out the costs page to learn more about Official FFA Dress.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Policy

We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs. Use of, being in possession of, being under the influence of, or trafficking in illegal drugs, look-alike drugs, vaping products and paraphernalia, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages results in serious consequences, such as: