Proficiency Awards

What are Proficiency Awards?

Agricultural Proficiency Awards are based entirely on a member’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE). They recognize individual skills and career-based competencies developed through multiple years of participation in Immersion-type SAE projects.

Agricultural proficiency awards are divided into “areas” in which members exploring and/or becoming established in specific agricultural career pathways can receive recognition. Each area has a specific description which the SAE project must fit to apply in that area.

Nationally, students can compete for awards in nearly 50 areas ranging from agricultural communications to wildlife management. Proficiency awards are also recognized at local and state levels.

What are the award areas?

To determine which agricultural proficiency award area an applicant should apply in, the correct SAE type must first be known. The types of SAEs for proficiency applications are:

How do I apply?

If you have an SAE and are ready to apply, you can apply for a proficiency award at the chapter and state level. State-winning awards advance to the national level. Make sure you have accurate records, then generate the application in AET. Talk to an advisor for help!